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I'll be downvoted in the ground, but

Just not my thing. The synth was cute and fine, but your progression was the most overused thing in all of history. Very forgettable.
Now that title? That was good.

GrayZ responds:

:P Thanks alot for the review broski :)


Unsure of what the user below me was talking about with the "off beat bass." I liked the syncopation. Vocals were really cool, remind me of London Elektricity if they did some ambient stuff. I love your chord progression. Their so new and original.... or at least sound such seeing as this is a remix. Beautiful synths, everything. Did falter for a couple seconds near the beginning. 9/10, 5/5.

RunningShadows responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked the bass- it's one of my favorite parts. Yeah, I love our vocalists voice, very soothing. Thank you thank you thank you!


I liked the idea, but it seemed that you just randomly put down notes instead of making it sound neatly chaotic. The first 10 seconds were delightful and it went downhill. Still very cool sounding.

BowserThedestructive responds:

Thanks for the insight, I'm still working on melodic flow. My next piece will hopefully flow better. Thanks for the input its greatly appreciated ^_^


Somebody zero bombed this? Goes to show how messed up the community is up sometimes. Seriously guys, if you just want to troll people anonomously, go to Omegle or something.

Second, truely awesome. To me felt more like a game soundtrack than a movie, but still cool nonetheless. Strings sounded computerized (barely) but I know how hard it is to humanize VSTs, lol. Really cool, I hope you get a job somewhere in the music industry. I'll be watching Pirates of the Carribean 5 and your stuff will come up ;D

F0R3ST12 responds:

Thanks a lot for your review! Yeah, I was a bit sad about the 0, but it happens lol. As long as people get to hear it! =) A job in the music industry is my goal. I would absolutely love to be in Hans Zimmer's shoes :3 Thanks again!


Voice was beautifully unique. Sounded almost innocent. No idea what he was saying though. Remided me of Shrillex's stuff... cept less demonic. The dance part at 1:00 was unrefreshingly generic. To tell you the truth the into was the only part I really enjoyed wholly. The drums at about 2:18 come in too abruptly and stop likewise.
from 0:00-1:00 I give you a 9/10
from there on I give you a 6/10.
Break it up with something... anything. More vocals?

AxY101 responds:

Lol yeah. This was just a preview. I completely forgot to crop out the last part of the song, as its unfinished. But thanks anyways. :) I JUST cropped it out

Nice FLS Piano.

Very gritty but smooth. I think the beginning was a bit too repetative. Even when you changed it up at about 1:00 it still sounded similar- I think the cool stuff at 1:30 should have come sooner. But even then, you need to change it up. Even if you just have two loops in a row you really need to add stuff to change up one or the other or the song will become boring. And we all know that the average newgrounder has an attention span of about 30 seconds.

Overall just okay. Cool concept and synths, but your execution was less than par to me.

DJZelize responds:

Thanks for taking time to write a review :)

I appreciate every comment I get, and I try to understand them and use them to improve my songs. And this was mostly just an attempt on DnB, but I will get better at it. And yes, I do agree with you that it was quite repetative! I've heard it before on one of my other songs :P

I'll spend some more time on my next song, and hopefully it won't turn out as repetative as this one!


Cool. You had a really complex chord progression, really a pleasure to listen to. Your main syth sounded good and icy, but the supporting synths didn't really support the main and sounded out of place. It was very chill and laid back, really cool style, almost like C418's songs on Minecraft. I still feel you could have done something more though... Unable to put my finger on it.
And on that day you are awesome and have a oneman band, remember me and send me lots of money.

Halindir responds:

Thank you very much Piedoom0
Most of the synths were just chosen by random. Made this out of boredom.
Im glad you liked it though :)

My riches shall be spent on doomsdaymachines and spacefrigates, and -destroyers! You may have a nickel or two.

Congrats on making top 5 :D

As always, your stuff is great. In some parts the reverb was a little too much, but eitherwise this is just fantastic.

Ocarina-Kid responds:

I really don't know how this got into the top 5, awkward. I'll have to fix up the reverb, thanks for the review dude!

awesome *o*

Amazing. Great sounds and you were very original on this. I could listen to it forever. No critiques.

xSentin3l responds:

Wow thank you, I did enjoy this one to be fair ;P


Loved the tune and the voices. Loved the swing, and though you hadn't changed your progression, you kept the effects rolling out to make this fresh. Nicely done :D
Anyway, what version of FL studio do you have, I was wondering if you'd be interested in a collab song.

clock-work responds:

Thanks so much :D

I use FL 10, but I also have FL 9 just in case :D

I would love to do a collab! Message me about it :D

I am 15 and use FLstudio, Source SDK, Blender 2.5, UDK, and Autocad. Only FL studio mattered, the rest is just showing off. ADD ME ON MY NON EXISTENT FACEBOOK AT facebook.com/thisisn 'treal

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