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FCuck nices <script>fuck</script>

Aghh how do you do that give me your life

Finally something in the techno part of NG that actually sounds good. Really professional sounding, m8! Liked it alot.

Really cool! I loved the progression and melody, but at times I thought all the similar wave shapes kinda meshed together and sounded a tad mucky.

Very nice

I quite like the drums, really rock me. The melody is simple, yet very defined and memorable. I found the 5:00 to be unnessacary, as you were getting on the edge of repetitiveness.
Anyway, you have no idea as well how this song impacted me. I got quite flustered when I saw your age, and then compared it to the stuff your making, which is absolutley phenomenal. You've inspired me to try and one up you one day ;)

By the way, could you reccommend and VSTs? Sounds like you use alot of NI stuff.

I'll be downvoted in the ground, but

Just not my thing. The synth was cute and fine, but your progression was the most overused thing in all of history. Very forgettable.
Now that title? That was good.

GrayZ responds:

:P Thanks alot for the review broski :)


While sharing this song...

An entire team of babies: my subwoofer just ate a squirrel from outside
Piedoom0: lol
Piedoom0: mine just imploded
Piedoom0: and turned supernova

just about sums it up.
awesome song.


Awesome original song. More dnb sounding to me, though.


Unsure of what the user below me was talking about with the "off beat bass." I liked the syncopation. Vocals were really cool, remind me of London Elektricity if they did some ambient stuff. I love your chord progression. Their so new and original.... or at least sound such seeing as this is a remix. Beautiful synths, everything. Did falter for a couple seconds near the beginning. 9/10, 5/5.

RunningShadows responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked the bass- it's one of my favorite parts. Yeah, I love our vocalists voice, very soothing. Thank you thank you thank you!


I liked the idea, but it seemed that you just randomly put down notes instead of making it sound neatly chaotic. The first 10 seconds were delightful and it went downhill. Still very cool sounding.

BowserThedestructive responds:

Thanks for the insight, I'm still working on melodic flow. My next piece will hopefully flow better. Thanks for the input its greatly appreciated ^_^

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