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Loved the tune and the voices. Loved the swing, and though you hadn't changed your progression, you kept the effects rolling out to make this fresh. Nicely done :D
Anyway, what version of FL studio do you have, I was wondering if you'd be interested in a collab song.

clock-work responds:

Thanks so much :D

I use FL 10, but I also have FL 9 just in case :D

I would love to do a collab! Message me about it :D


This is so perfect for so many things o-o
Thank you.
So much, this is amazing.

tilman responds:

thanks a lot!

it makes me really happy, that this piece is so well received.
thanks for your feedback!


First of all, this isn't jazz. Secondly, I have absolutely NO idea what you were trying to do, and question if it was a serious entry.
Who knows though, maybe you've created a new genre of music that is solely composed of the default FLS hihat noise being repeated in a discordant manner. Good luck to you.

ObnoxiousCortex responds:

Sucking at something is merely a process of becoming good at something. ^^

This isn't heavy metal...

It's techno or ambient. Though this was original, it didn't do anything for me. The voice sample at the end was terribly recorded or effected as well. Still... interesting, just not great to me. Keep working at it though, you have a cool concept, but you need to turn that great concept into great music!

ObnoxiousCortex responds:

Only due time will tell my delightful adventurer!

The clitoris of life shines down upon you, farewell!

dunno why

seemed a little off to me, beat wise. Maybe you used a MIDI without quantizing, or that's just how it sounds? Anyway. Neat beats and chords. Cool stuff :D

clock-work responds:

Actually, I had a automation clip to the sound to make it change the sound in the beginning. I'm wondering if I over did it a little :P

Thanks for the review :D :D


Though I wish you changed the theme more often, this was amazing. It was awesome at 3:30 when it all came together. Great lead :D
Makes me wanna dance...

TEFL responds:

Yes, I agree, but I wanted to keep it "real" as well if you know what I mean.
Thank you very much for your quick feedback! It makes me glad that you liked it!


Pretty great! I loved your style, though it was just a tad cliched.
I'm not sleeping well tonight after I read that description... /hides every plushiee owned
Great song :D


I liked the odd take you had at this. You didn't make anything very melodic, instead focusing heavily on the rhythm of the song. Great drum sounds and concept, only complaint is I wish it was longer and went somewhere.
Must have more of this.

TimerClock14 responds:

Haha, glad you liked it! I might revisit this one sometime, I don't know.


based on the voice samples, I take you used FLS.
Anyway, this was really unique in a good way! Some parts were a bit to repetitive and hard to listen to, but overall it was pretty great.

BowserThedestructive responds:

hehe...Yes I am an FL studio user hands down. Yes thanks for showing me it is repetitive I shall try to variate it in the next version. Yeah I had to start from somewhere on the song so I took a quick look into the fl studio samples to find a sample I never knew even was there. I also used some samples from a hard-style vocal pack. The Choir sounds are from the SGM 2.01 SoundFont Library. I don't use SoundFonts much anymore but they are handy due to me not having the libraries I wish I could have. But eh..

Thanks for the review I shall variate the song and work on the levels some more I never really learned in fl studio to volume curve so that's one thing Ill learn and then apply to the song.


Are those vocals supposed to be comedic? Truthfully, the bass is very similar to many dubstep songs- it sounded as if you were trying to copy others than make up your own new style. But I guess good for what it is.

Itchimaru-kun responds:

I appreciate the feedback, however, I don't think a song should always be measured by "how much of a NEW style it is". It is nearly impossible to invent a new style these days, so I take the fact that you think it sounds like "stylistic dubstep" as a compliment cause that is what I was going for...

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