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Welcome to the audio portal :D
Alright loop you've got here, though so much room for improvement.
I tend to stay away from FL slayer, I dislike the sound usually, but it really depends. Unrelated, but how long have you been using FL studio? Just as a point of personal comparison.

G4M3RL0RD responds:

I've actually started using it recently, maybe only a few weeks, I don't know very much about it, let alone how to use it to its full extent. I've been working at it though.


It was a nice song, though it's themes and chords are somewhat overused. I liked your transitions, and your lead sound nice and textured. It was pretty awesome when it all came together at 2:50 or so as well.
Just a word of advice, don't use the FL studio default kick.
It sounds crappy xD


Such great video game music- Unfortunately, I found some of the lead voices less than par and annoying at time.
Wonderful collection you've made overall.

GenoWhirled responds:

I know. But things like that are somewhat out of my control. I use a free program, so there are only about 20 synths to choose from, (most of which don't even sound that good) but the main problem is that I can only have 16 tracks at a time.


It needs some work, but it was pretty good overall. I wish you would have opted for some more original chord progressions, but it's a bit difficult to dig out of that rut in Techno songs. This is also missing a climax ;A; everything is too uniform, you need a point of the song that really stands out.

balderdact responds:

Yeah, I know what you're saying about the climax part and the chord progressions. Thanks for reviewing.


This was a nice song, but it isn't classical. People on NG seem to think as soon as there is an acoustic piano that the song it classical, but it really just comes down to the style of the music. I would place this song in the "ambient" category.
I can definitively see this in a game, though. Even though the song was so simple, I enjoyed it- it had a ton of character.
Keep up the good works.

Not really Dubstep...

The song was inches from par for me- you didn't change your theme at all. Also, this isn't exactly dubstep- the base doesn't wobble at all... Not to mention it gets a bit annoying. With dubstep you need to modulate LFO's... It sounded from the ending like you were using FL studio (?), so look up on youtube, they have some great tutorials on how to do such.
But that aside, this was good for a first attempt, I remember mine being 1/100th as good as this here. Just keep practicing, your on the right track.

It started out OK...

Everything wen't alright, and then it got very boring and discordant.
I wish you continued with your theme from 0-1:00, after that it all went downhill to me.

VTAEP responds:

I fully agree with you man! It is alright, then gets pretty dumb haha. This was one of my earlier works, while I am still getting used to making music. My newest stuff is much better, and has a lot better flow. I should be uploading those songs shortly. Thank you for your opinon though, much appreciated!


It was just alright to me, you certainly had a lovely climax, but otherwise to me it was just... eh. Little to repetitive for my tastes, but that happens when you use FL studio xD.


Soothing, very well done.



I liked the theme. Cool synths, progression, and drums. Only thing I thought could use work was at about 0:50 I thought the synth lead was too weak, and you could of made it more pronounced with a more interesting rythem.
Overall a great loop, I can definately see this in a game.

DJ-Corey-X responds:

Thanks for the feedback man!

I am 15 and use FLstudio, Source SDK, Blender 2.5, UDK, and Autocad. Only FL studio mattered, the rest is just showing off. ADD ME ON MY NON EXISTENT FACEBOOK AT facebook.com/thisisn 'treal

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