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I'm not sure how to respond to this.
But I can't stop listening to it

facebagel responds:

Well, you could tell me who you have for social studies first and formost ;)


Awesome, dubstep to me is personally one of the more difficult genres to successfully pull of, and this is a god-like first attempt :D
I LOVE you NES sounding voices, they all complimented each other- I didn't hear anything conflicting. Only complaint is you could have done a bit more with the bass, and as the 2 reviews said before me, you need a drop. People like drops.


Completely amazing. Great drumline. And that guitar in the beginning gave me an eargasm, such a lovely voice. Pro-quality stuff, I can see this in a game. Can I ask what program/plugins you used for that wonderful guitar at 0:20?

SFaPiL2 responds:

Thanks for the compliments ^_^.

The guitars used here were real, not plugins. I used Guitar Rig Mobile to record myself playing and then I used the Guitar Rig essential plugin to give it some reverbs, delays, amps and the like.


You have some ways to go, but you've got your basics down. Drums sounded wonderful and your bassline was suitable. I just felt that so much more could have been done with the lead voice... it just seemed like a typewriter, spitting out similar notes at the same tempo and velocity.

586rick responds:

I see what you mean, like I said its only something that pass my head. thanks for the review.


Truthfully, I didn't enjoy the first theme. But once you started changing it up I really got into it. Great drums, synths, and effects. Overall a great song.
I assume you use FLS?

OverdoseOfficial responds:

Thanks, i guess :)
Yup i do.


This was one of the... odder songs. I enjoyed it nonetheless. Great 8-bit voices, though I think you could have mastered them better, made some drum noises less noisy. This was really creative, and a really cool song overall :D

clock-work responds:

Thanks! :D

I could of mastered them better, but I'm to lazy xD

I also have a newer version with the middle a bit more.. mastered (:p) on the way...

*Which is now replacing the old version :P

Well this was a very happy industrial song...

I liked it overall... it was kind of cliched and boring at some parts though. I loved the way the lead voice was. It sounded so whiny, but in a good way... like a lively way xD. I would dispute this being industrial, though o-O

marlgryd responds:

Thanks for the comment!! I really appreciate it. Yap, the song is indeed quite boring - I totally agree with that, but I was tired, it was late at night, so I just finished where I was and posted.


I really enjoyed this- you took dubstep and made it your own style. It almost sounded 8bit at some parts. Just a hybrid of a lot of crazy stuff makes this unique and enjoyable.


Just beautifully constructed, all around wonderful. I loved the beginning, middle, and end. You should know I rarely give out 10 stars. Thanks for uploading this wonderful piece.
...and FLS ftw.

RunningShadows responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much as to give it a 10. I am quite honored. FLS is win.


when it was over... I was all "NUHHH I MUST KNOW HOW THIS PROGRESSES."
It sounded like you were creating a song to go along with a book.
I really want you to go ahead and make this longer, I bet it will be pretty awesome.

SilentCortex responds:

the answer lies within your silent self.....
just use your imagination for this is only the beginning........

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