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pretty cool :D Actually got chills at the 0:18 drum cut-in. You changed up the rhythm and style enough for it to be a bit refreshing, though I wish you would have changed the melody as well (although since this is a remix, I'm not sure if you were allowed to.) Additionally, when you held the lead voices for a long time, I wish you added some modulation to them instead of the pitch just being lifeless. Other than that, I loved the concept and ESPECIALLY the drums. Good luck on the contest as well.

dj-Jo responds:

About the modulation...
Thats not a bad idea :D

Thanks for the constructive criticism as well

Also, bout the melody, I tried not to keep too fair away from the original so that's why it's the way it is.

Thanks again for the review
It always helps!

Just alright

This song was really nothing special to me- it was very simplistic, and you didn't build on the melody or chords at all. I did like your rhythms, though. They gave the loop a hint of life. I also enjoyed your selection of voices.

hektikmusic responds:

it's an unfinished track i lost the file for so i just looped it. glad you liked part of it, thanks for the review :)

cool :D

I really liked the chords, especially their voices. They sounded so ethereal and mysterious. As for the lead square-ish voice, It was alright at first... but I wish you modulated it (like the cutoff or pitch or even dynamics) while doing the song to make it feel more emotional. I didn't care for the drum sounds either, but that's probably just my personal tastes. I really hope you finish this one, though. As the reviewer above me said, there's tons of potential to capitalize on here.

Perhaps it's just me being harsh...

You certainly have a ways to go- the song was too bland for my tastes, though I liked the different effects you put into it. The song is in severe lack of a distinguishable melody voice.

DENT-de-lion responds:



you have some awesome Ocarina skills o-o
Although this is a wonderful demonstration, it lacks enough voices and parts in my opinion to be in the video game category- I'd list this in misc or ambient... Otherwise, neat job on this.

Ocarina-Kid responds:

Haha I wouldn't say awesome but thanks man! I've never really thought about putting it in another category since it's video game related but what you said certainly makes sense, cheers for pointing that out! Thanks for the review :)


That was pretty awesome. Though you really didn't change the main melody, you kept it changing and interesting. The bass-line was amazing and I loved your choice of sounds. My only complaint is that I wish you added some reverb to the drums, they sounded a little out of place.

Systremo responds:

Thx man :D I feel like the melody should have been changed much more but i didnt find the right way to do it :P I agree that reverbing the drums could have been better and it feels stupid that I didnt think of that when i made it >.<


Great job on this piece :D I just wish it weren't a midi, - if it had full dynamics, I'd give you a 10/10. Anyway this doesn't really feel like Classical, it's really more of a modern/contemporary piece. I think Newgrounds closest equivalent to that would be ambient, but I may be overlooking something.
Just thinking, your piece sounds a lot like Eric Satie and his Gymnopedies, are you familiar with him? If not I'd pull him up and take a look.

Slaytesics responds:

I'm familiar with him, my friend commissioned me to write this piece in the style of Erik Satie


WOW. Somebody actually got the classical genre correct for once. I love this, but I wish it wasn't a midi and that you played it. Anywhere I can get sheet music? This looks like it'd be fun to play :D

Slaytesics responds:

message me your email address (also, feel free to put pedal in where necessary, as my program's pedal marking is weird) I will definitely send it to you :D

PS. I am not a skilled pianist, this would probably take me days to learn


A little slow for my taste, but you had some nice themes and effects in there :D
I can't help but think your missing something that I can't really put my finger on...
I also wished you had a more defined climax, the one here was just "blah". Overall a decent piece :D

MattBlade responds:

lol thanks


You started out alright and then started degrading. Nothing amazing in this piece, although it was still fun to listen to.

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